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Surge pharma is taking care of all you by the providing medicine affordable price and committed with care of life.

Facility & capability

Our manufacturing facility
in line with regulatory

Manufacturing of oral solid dosage form (Tablets and capsules) tointended usefor human.

Surge pharmaceuticals has beenmanufactured more than 100 formulations.

Plant machinery and Quality system

Our manufacturingfacility withupgradedmachinerymaintained as per GMP and regulatory requirement.

Our manufacturing Facility have qualified HVAC System, Water treatmentplant.

Surge Pharmaceuticals havePhysical,chemical, Instrument labsfor testing of finished product, Raw material (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) andmicrobiological labfor Environmental and Watertesting.

Manufacturing site has 21 CFR part 11 compliance stability chamber for the real time, intermediate and accelerated stability study of the finished product.

Surge Pharmaceuticals has followed the Quality ManagementSystem with its tool (change control Management, quality Risk management, SOP management, document management etc.)

Surge Pharmaceuticals has followed by GMP, WHO TRS and regulatory standards for the implementation of quality management system at manufacturing site.

Site has technical agreement for contractual manufacturing of the pharmaceutical finished product with our third-partycustomer.

Market Presence

Surge Pharmaceuticals has a strong distribution network across in India with numerous distributors,Stockist, Retailers and Physicians.

Surge Pharmaceuticals has well qualified and experienced market management and their team.

Surge pharmaceuticals hasbeing manufacturedof the pharmaceutical product for third party,Loan licenses of the other Pharmaceutical companies in India.

Surge Pharmaceuticals is looking for joint ventures and contract manufacturing / Marketing partner with other pharmaceuticals organizations.


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