Earth, this blue planet that has spawned countless How To Draw A Car Step By Step lives is just a common planet in the solar system. Stars like the Sun have more than 100 billion in the Milky Way, and galaxies of the size of the Milky Way can find 2 trillion in the observable universe!

From the sun's surface The photon of departure can reach the earth in 8 minutes, but in the face of the vast universe, if the photon is conscious, it will only feel deep despair - it will take 100,000 years to cross the Milky Way at the speed of Em chord light, and it will span the entire observable universe. It takes a long time of 93 billion years!

American astronomer Karl Sagan once West Bend Breakfast Station commented on the “dark blue dot” photograph taken by Voyager 1 and the earth is like “a dust that floats in the sun”.

We rely on The living earth is so small in the spatial dimension, how long does it take for humans to exist as a species?

If the history of the 13.8 billion universe is condensed into one year, and midnight on January 1 is the time of the Big Bang, then the first Homo sapiens are just at 22:24 on December 31. Appeared, now the time is exactly 23:59:59. In the current deteriorating trend of the ecological environment, the earth civilization may disappear before the next hour of the bell ringing. The waves of human beings in the long time of the universe may only exist for a moment.

Since the universe is so vast, the space in which we live is so small, and the time is so short, is there any meaning to human existence? All our successes and failures, joy and sorrow, all the hustle and hard work, ambition and dreams, are they insignificant and have no value?

French philosopher Bryce Pascal once said, "Whenever a short life is swallowed up by the long time, the square of the occupied space is submerged by the endless space, and I know nothing about the eternal time and space, nor will I stay. Any traces can't help but fear."

British scholar Bernard Williams believes that answering human existence is meaningful to the universe without subjective judgment. A stack of banknotes means delicious food for hungry people, but it has no value for animals. The universe does not have subjective consciousness, so it is obviously inappropriate to rashly conclude that humans have no meaning to it.

The University of Oxford philosopher Guy Carhen suggested that human beings are like a shining diamond in an empty warehouse, compared to the inanimate stone and the chaotic unconscious beast. The fact itself is of great significance.

With humans The deepening of the understanding of the universe, scientists found that the birth of life on Earth requires many unique conditions, such as a stable magnetic field and the atmosphere, just the right axis tilt, the tide of the moon, the plate structure to regulate carbon dioxide levels, and the mild sun. From single-celled organisms to multi-cellular organisms, from sexual reproduction to mammals to the initiation of wisdom, the chances of intermediation are endless, so the chances of a smart creature like human being in other parts of the universe are likely to be very small.

If we are the only example of intelligent life in the universe, then human civilization is like a bright beacon of the night of the river, and its existence is of great significance even if measured from the broad perspective of the entire universe.